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A women on board a yacht
A Woman Looking out of a Swimming Pool
A Woman in a Boutique
A Man Preparing a Salad
Private Aircraft
Horseback Riding
Opening car door
Champaign Bottle and Glasses
A Waiter Serving a Drink
A Yacht at Sea

Travel in Style, Travel with Claire

Your Luxury Travel Leader &

honeymoon Vacation/ Destination Wedding Specialists!

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Our Mission

We take care of all of our clients’ needs and offer first-class service to everyone. With services beyond luxury travel or glamorous event planning, we also help our clients with managing their day-to-day activities, big or small. Contact us to find out more.

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A Woman in a Boutique

"A multitude of small delights constitute happiness"

Charles Baudelaire

Horseback Riding

You are our Priority.

Truly Top-Notch

Enjoy traveling in leisure with standard and upgraded features & activities to choose from, extraordinary room suites, your own private butler and so much more!

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